BW CONSTRUCTION: High end solutions made in Germany

A network of construction and finishing companies from the German state of Baden-Württemberg with focus on Saudi-Arabia and Scandinavia.

Baden-Württemberg is one of the most powerful economic regions in Europe and is traditionally characterized by a high export rate. In addition to investment and consumer goods, there has been an increase in the export of services in recent years, particularly those of German architects and engineers and their construction counterparts: BW Construction.


… have construction projects that go beyond the usual requirements
   in terms of architecture, interior designs or technical requests
… create outstanding architecture for discerning clients
… look for providers of special solutions for your interior design concepts
… want a single contact for an overall solution or for part of a special project
… expect a partner to be able to put your complex ideas into practice – creatively and innovatively


… implement YOUR drafts and plans in a creative and convincing manner
… bring your clients’ most unusual interior designs and architectural dreams to life
… offer you high-end solutions from a single source
… handle consulting, engineering, planning, manufacturing and
   installation based on your ideas in line with the renowned “made in Germany” standards
… take that all-important step of thinking ahead and act accordingly
   in close cooperation with you and your client

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The members of BW Construction guarantee top German quality. They employ approx. 1,000 well trained, highly skilled specialists and generate an annual turnover of 120 million Euros.
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Here you will find a selection of projects realized by BW Construction members.
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